Welcome to django-gisserver’s documentation!

Django speaking WFS 2.0 to expose geo data.


  • WFS 2.0 Basic implementation.
  • GML 3.2 output.
  • Standard and spatial filtering (FES 2.0)
  • GeoJSON and CSV export formats.
  • Extensible view/operations.
  • Uses GeoDjango queries for filtering.
  • Streaming responses for large datasets.

Advanced Guide:

Why this code is shared

The “datapunt” team of the Municipality of Amsterdam develops software for the municipality. Much of this software is then published as Open Source so that other municipalities, organizations and citizens can use the software as a basis and inspiration to develop similar software themselves. The Municipality of Amsterdam considers it important that software developed with public money is also publicly available.

This package is initially developed by the City of Amsterdam, but the tools and concepts created in this project can be used in any city.